Esther’s Court, Inc.

       Metamorphosis is the TRANSFORMATION that the caterpillar undergoes to become a butterfly. It’s a process which requires change, and change isn’t always easy. I learned about money and investment. I learned about what it means to be professional, assertive, disciplined, about the importance of commitment and dedication, and very importantly, how to become a good steward of what you are given- THIS IS KEY! These are principles that once put into practice you will notice a real change in your life. But unless taught, you will never learn them. I want to share with you what I have learned.


       All the external changes you want to see in your life like a good job, career, house, a nice car, money, dreams… begin on the inside.Being a good steward of what you have is important to be able to obtain what you don’t yet have. When I was growing up, I didn’t have someone to teach me about the essence of success. I was taught about what the world wanted, but not about how to develop my purpose. With all this said, this knowledge you will gain is not just for us to keep, but to be a blessing to others. In addition, and most importantly, the ultimate goal is to have you realize your purpose and begin accomplishing it today!You can’t lead others, until you know where you are going. You cannot give to others what you don’t yet have. Once you know your purpose then you can lead others to accomplish theirs. That is what I lacked. I did not know my purpose in life. Once I found it, everything else followed. However, no matter where you are in your process, there is someone out there who hasn’t even gotten that far. And that’s why you are needed.

      My goal and VISION for each of you is to teach you the things that I learned and practiced, giving me the results intended and ever surpassing them, things that I did not know early in life. However, I understand that we must first go through a valley in order to get to the mountaintop.The goal is to build up who you are in order for you to build up others.


       I also understand that it takes finances to move around in our world. Once we realize our goal and vision, we realize that we need a source of income. The way our economy is today, rarely can we depend on just our J.O.B. “Just Over Broke” to be our source for living and abundance. Our society can no longer depend on an employer or the economy to decide when we will get paid and IF we will have a job. In the current job market, we are barely able to survive, nevertheless, save or become successful! How about savings for retirement, college education, or simply a family vacation? Let’s learn the basics so you can obtain the greater!


       Once you find your PURPOSE and have a VISION, what is the PLAN for your vision? First of all, I believe you need to learn how to be faithful with what you have already been entrusted. In this journey you will learn what those things are and maximize what you already have. You won’t be able to see the value in the big, until you learn to see the value and appreciate the small. In the parable of the talents,” His lord said, Well done, good and faithful servant; thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord.” (Mat 25:23)


       As part of this Royal Academy you will be part of a business internship. After much research, we will have the use of a personal business as a “lab” where you will begin to implement what you have learned and use that income to reach your already set goals. If you choose to embrace this opportunity, you put yourself in the position to own your business and begin changing lives, beginning with your own! You will use this business as the practicum of your skills and at the same time have the opportunity to earn money, the SOURCE for your dreamsYour passion will ignite you to another level. Now, the use of the business opportunity is not a requirement, however it is highly advised and recommended in order for you to obtain the full benefit and maximum results of this curriculum. The goal is to explode your potential. I believe in applied training and using what you have learned and put it to work immediately. The foundation has already been laid out for you. You just need to follow the path. There is much work to be done to accomplish your DREAMS!

      Eight years ago I was going through a very difficult time in my life where I knew that I was looking for something more. Living in a rented room at the time, while going to school, I had time to think and ask myself questions and just pray for something better. One day I heard a cassette tape that was given to me a couple of years back labeled “CHOICES”. After hearing it, I felt something that I hadn’t felt in a very long time…HOPE! The Hope that I can actually accomplish the desires of my heart!


       The information I heard spoke to me about choices and offered me the opportunity to do something different and make a difference in the world. An acronym for P.O.O.R. is People Overlooking Opportunities Repeatedly. As a Social Work major I wanted to make a difference in the world, but didn’t know how. But I know I needed to start with myself first. I knew I couldn’t offer anything to anyone without me receiving it first. And that day I made a choice to take an opportunity that I didn’t know much about, but that inspired me to do something more. I wanted to be as successful as the women on the tape. I figured, if they could do it, why couldn’t I?


       This journey has been a true blessing. That decision allowed me to grow into the woman that I am today. It hasn’t been easy, but it has been worth it. I believe that anything good is worth fighting for. And that I would have never known unless I tried. There are opportunities in life that only come by ONCE...and I wasn't about to miss mine. I have learned about who I am and my greater purpose and value. I learned about being a visionary and a goal setter. Little by little, I learned how to interact with people and gained self esteem and confidence. If you are shy, most likely you don’t want to stay shy! Since then I have mentored many women guiding them into their divine purpose to accomplishing their dreams to becoming debt free. None of this could I have accomplished without the favor and grace of G_d. I describe this transformation as a METAMORPHOSIS.

       Esther was a woman in the Bible who had no chance of succeeding and got to be the wife of the most powerful and influential man of that time. Little did she know she was being prepared for “such a time.” Her life was molded by her mentor, Mordecai, after her parents died. Through God’s FAVOR, she became the Queen of Persia, and the most loved and favored of the king! Risking her life, through her beauty, courage, and wisdom, brought deliverance to her people after an edict was sent to eradicate them. During her reign, she brought prosperity and wealth to her people allowing them to become DEBT FREE. She was an entrepreneur and was a woman “POSITIONED FOR PURPOSE”.


       The beauty of Esther not only lied in her physical beauty, but her inner beauty. The reason why this is important is that we need to realize that we are each born and created with a unique PURPOSE. Most women don’t know their purpose, and if they do, they don’t know how to develop it. Then, with a purpose, comes a VISION, which is how you see yourself in that purpose or how you want to carry it out. Most of the time, our vision requires finances. And for those finances we need a PLAN.


      As women, and nurturers, we have the desire to help others and may be praying, asking God to provide us with a supernatural provision. And even though I believe in the supernatural provision of God, to have money, a big house, a nice car, a booming business/career, etc..., have we really prepared to receive any of it? Have we prepared the way to receive what we are asking? Can God trust you to be a good steward of what you are asking if you were to receive it? Do we have a plan? What things are we doing in the natural to prepare us for the supernatural? You say, “one day I want to own my own…”,Ok! So when are you planning to begin? Have you done your research? What is your plan? How will you execute it?


     Esther’s Court is designed to empower women through life coaching and equip them to build a foundation of spiritual and financial wealth to become debt free and accomplish their God-given Destiny.

Positioned for Purpose