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Esther’s Court


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Esther’s Court House of Metamorphosis, will provide transitional housing for homeless single women and youth who have aged out of the foster care system. This program is intended to create an all-inclusivecoaching and support services system to shift women and youth towards self-sufficiency and permanent housing.

The projected outcomes start with the women and youth understanding character building to help break the cycle of their current situation. Each woman is assisted with child care for their children and/or enrolling them in the local public school. They are also provided employment services so that they can secure a job and begin contributing to a savings account.

Other support services provided by HOM are parenting classes, mental health counseling, and life and relationship skills classes including financial management, establishing credit, and savings.

Applicants are expected to graduate from the program within 12 months, at which time coaches will assist with establishing permanent housing.

The facility will also include a fitness & natural health center, day care, employment and coaching center, and retreat area.